Shark Cartilage 2250 mg 90 caps Review

The convenient capsules of Prozis Shark Cartilage provide you with 2250 mg of shark cartilage properties per daily serving. Take advantage of its effects!

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Posted by: Romario Foote
great for knees

good for bones
Posted by: Costin Marica
easy to take and good effect

it works! it works!
Posted by: Andrzej Kowalczyk
before writing this comment I was thinking to myself: " I really see/feel any improvements or anything?" and then I realized actually yes I do! I have a bad knee and for last one year I was taking all kinds of different supplements to ease they pain - which worked but I could still feel it. Not a pain but I could constantly feel that there is still something going on in that knee. Since I started to take these I run much more and pain in my knee is pretty much gone after a month! Although I can still feel it after longer and more demanding run but overall I can feel a MASSIVE improvement! I take it together with prozis joints & bones

Good improved my knee.
Posted by: Marco Di Gregorio
It was a long time Ive had issue on my right knee and I think this helped because now its going better. For me was a really good buy,

Great Product
Posted by: Frederico Rabelo
Great Product, I would buy it again.

Great product
Posted by: Alexei Lautier
Great product Keep it up

Posted by: Pedro Mendes
It helped me with reducing pain in the joints, specially in my elbows.

Posted by: Charles Audoire
easy to swallow, free taste

Excellent Product
Posted by: Nuno Vieira
Completely recommended

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