Organic Vegetable Protein 900 g Review

If you're a environmentally-conscious person who's looking to maintain and build muscle mass, Prozis Organic Vegetable Protein is what you need. Get yours!

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Not a fan!
Posted by: Susana Silva
The flavour it’s a let down I’m definitely not a fan and will not order it again. Maybe it’s the price to pay for not having sugar...

Love this organic vegan protein
Posted by: Mavi Verberne
its a great product, no additives, organic, great source of vegan protein. All flavours could be a bit sweeter but is taste is ok. loving the varieties of flavours.

dont like the taste
Posted by: Roman Schnider
I take protein-shakes daily for trhee years... and the vanilla flavor is the ugliest I've ever had won't buy it again

blueberry muffin
Posted by: Loredana Nagy
taste more like a dough than bluberries and very thick with 3 cups but enough source of protein

Posted by: Andrei Ionașcu
Ok for the price

Not impressed.
Posted by: Yoanna Hristova
I don't know if it's just the flavour or the whole formula in general. I just don't like this specific leaves a bad aftertaste. It's okayish if you add lots of sweeteners and other flavours.

Cafe Latte
Posted by: Clementine Bergerot
Amazing - I love the vegan protein and cafe latte is super yummy thanks Prozis

In love with this vegan product!
Posted by: Reni Hadjieva
High quality vegetable protein and amazing taste!

Pretty good
Posted by: Mihai Borța
This protein powder is pretty good, but i found the soy one to be slightly better

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