Egg Protein - Freakin Good 900 g Review

Seeking a yummy protein powder? Prozis Freakin' Good Egg Protein is a superior egg white protein with the most awesome flavours. Give in to temptation!

4.5 / 5
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Great Product
Posted by: Adrian Pauch
Great Product

Chocolate chips flavour
Posted by: Ana Cortés
I'm in love with this flavour! It's amazing! I'd never taste nothing so good like this one, it's sweet but salty at the same time. I really recommend this flavour. The only lees good thing is a little bit hard mix without a shaker.

Best taste
Posted by: Krisztina Oczella
Best taste and structure!

Great taste
Posted by: Bogdan Savin
Nice and tasty proteine working great

Posted by: Miron Ionut
A very good product and very easy to mix.

Peanut butter flavour
Posted by: Hajnalka Gelencsér
Peanut butter is the best, but all are super delicious

Posted by: Alejandro Cajas
Excelent product, for sure I’m gonna buy it again

Not a good choise
Posted by: Dimitrios Kal
The macros and price are very good. But the taste and smell is really not good at all. You cannot taste the peanut butter and all you taste/smell is a distinct raw egg flavor.

Tha best!
Posted by: Agnieszka Szreder
My omelets finally have a good form :D I got the chip cookie taste and it's delisssssssh!

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