Cranberry Extract 600 mg 60 caps Review

Prozis Cranberry Extract contains 25% Proanthocyanidins, a class of polyphenols. Take full advantage of the properties of Vaccinium macrocarpon extract.

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Posted by: Valentinos Pelekanos

Really good
Posted by: Michele Bertolin
Great for preventing UTI. And great for the vitamins

Posted by: Abdallah Satel
good product

High quality and affordable
Posted by: Lis Sun
Using cranberry extract to guard against UTI, this is really cheap in price but not cheap in quality

Good for the kidney
Posted by: Kathy Devouge
On a long term basis, this cure has good results on the kidney performance. On top, it has also a detox aspect.

Μου πέρασε
Posted by: George Roilos
Πρόσφατα έπαθα μια ήπια ουρολίμωξη από δημόσιες τουαλέτες. Την είχα για πάνω από εβδομάδα μέχρι να έρθει η παραγγελία. Μετά από 3-4 ημέρες που πήρα το extract αυτό, μου πέρασε !!! Εύγε γιατί δεν ήθελα να μπλέξω με αλοιφές !!!

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Gut auch für die Blase
Posted by: Irina Baier C/o Las Burg
Super empfehlenswert! Es ist auch sehr gut für die Blase (vor allem ein Frauenproblem)

Very good
Posted by: Ioanna Angelopoulou
Helps very much against Infections of the urinary system

Best price/quality
Posted by: Nikos Sfendourakis
I bought it as a doctor suggested it. When he saw the analysis he said seems one of the best in market considering its price.

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