Befit Bag 2.0 Grey Edition Review

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Good product!
Posted by: Maruška Kubecová
Nice and useful!

Great bag for daily usage
Posted by: Carlos Ugarte
I use it everyday to go to work. I didn't use the plastic containers as I use glass containers only which wont fit the plastic shell but I use without it as it works fine and its less weight as well. Happy with it

Must have for on the go
Posted by: Ami Pickering
This product is light weight and easy to carry around, it has space for 3 main meals and tons of extra space for any extras you might need. I managed to pack all my sauces, my scales, my cutlery, 3 meals and some snacks into the bag. So handy for days when out of the house for long periods. Also great quality and cheaper than any I have ever seen on the market.

Great product
Posted by: Jerome Fauconnet
Love my bag. I take it all the time at work to bring my meal and extra snacks. Good for the health and good for my budget,

Love it
Posted by: Rishi Behari
It's amazing, I can take my meals everywhere now

Great food bag
Posted by: Christian Tesi
Great bag to carry food, optimal for people that carries 3 or more meals during the whole day, there are also ice bags to maintain the food.

Seems good
Posted by: Florin Botis
The bag comes with 3 casseroles, pill compartment, and cold bags to keep the food cold.

Excellent Cooler bag
Posted by: Etienne Ghigo
Best cooler bag ever. Definitely a good investment

Well priced bag
Posted by: Samuel Peplow
Great bag for the price. Brilliant to carry everything you need for the day.

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