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Premium Hemp Protein

A power-packed


  • 400 mg drop


  • 600 mg drop


  • 250 mg drop


  • 250 mg drop

    L-Citruline Malate

  • 200 mg drop

    Creatine Creapure®

  • 200 mg drop


(per serving)

A synergistic effect formula

Hemp plant

Take your workouts to the next level

Want to get the most out of your workouts? Focus your efforts on what you do outside the gym. A balanced diet, with all the needed nutrients, a good recovery, and that extra push that only Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout can deliver.

With scientifically-tested ingredients, this synergistic effect formula will help you reach your next level of performance.

Hemp plant

Everything you need to give it your best

Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout features a special blend of powerful ingredients that work together to trigger your full potential. Here are some of the most relevant components of this formula:

BCAAs - One serving of Vegan Pre-Workout contains the three branched-chain amino acids: Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine. These are essential, meaning that the body is unable to synthesize them.

Beta-Alanine - This non-essential amino acid is a natural precursor of carnosine, a substance highly concentrated in muscle tissue, where it plays a number of important roles.

Arginine - L-Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid that can be obtained from your diet and is found in red and white meat, fish, and dairy products. This nutrient is metabolized to L-Citruline and nitric oxide.

Citruline - L-Citruline is a non-essential amino acid, which means it is naturally produced by the body. It is still important, nonetheless. The pure L-Citruline present in this supplement is bonded with malic acid (malate), a salt compound used to help stabilize the formula.

Creatine Creapure® - Creatine requires no introduction: it is one of the most used supplements for attempting to improve athletic performance. Creapure® is the brand name for pure Creatine Monohydrate, produced in Germany from the best raw material and controlled by demanding quality processes and chemical analysis.

Caffeine - Caffeine is probably one of the most studied and consumed substances in the entire world. Besides coffee, caffeine is found in a variety of other plants, including tea leaves and cocoa beans.

But the list goes on. Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout also contains L-Taurine, Betaine, Niacin (vitamin B3), Iron, Chromium, and extracts of Green Tea, Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba and Pine Bark. One serving before your workout and you'll be ready for the challenges ahead!

Lab Tested microscope

Subjected to rigorous tests in advanced labs, this product is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

For what?

Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout was formulated with high-purity, tested ingredients, concentrated in convenient and easy-to-take capsules, perfect for you to take before your strength or endurance training.

For whom?

Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout was developed with top athletes and demanding gym goers in mind.

Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout Highlights:

  • Synergistic effect formula
  • Scientifically-tested ingredients to ensure the highest effectiveness
  • GMO-free
  • Recommended for athletes and physically active people
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Note: We recommend you consult a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of this product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavour.
* Images presented are merely for illustrative and promotional purposes only. The product's final image may be altered.
Vegan Pre-Workout 90 tabs - Build Muscle | Prozis
Quantity: 90 tablet(s)
Batch: I1965574
Best before end:  2021-10-31
Serving size: 3 tablet(s)
Servings per container: 30
% RI (*)
400 mg
600 mg
250 mg
250 mg
Green tea (Camellia sinensis) (leaf)
50 mg
300 mg
40 mg
12 mg
12 mcg
15 mg ne
Ginseng (Panax ginseng) (root)
200 mg
Pine Bark (Pinus pinaster)
25 mg
200 mg
* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).
** Reference intake not established.



Bulking Agent(s) (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Maltodextrin, Beta-Alanine, BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine), Betaine Anhydrous, Thickener (Oxidised starch), L-Arginine, L-Citrulline Malate, Creapure® (Creatine Monohydrate), Ginseng Root Extract, Anhydrous Caffeine, Stabiliser (Polyvinylpyrrolidone), Anti-caking Agent (Magnesium salts of fatty acids), Anti-caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Coating (Glazing agent (Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), Stabiliser (Polyvinylpyrrolidone), Colour (Iron Oxides and Hydroxides)), Ginkgo biloba Leaf Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, L-Taurine, Ferrous fumarate, Pine bark extract, Nicotinamide, Chromium picolinate.
Recommended Daily Portion: Take 3 tablets 30-45 minutes before workout with food.
Food supplement.
Contains caffeine (200mg/daily serving). Not recommended for children or pregnant women. Not recommended for adolescents or breastfeeding women. Due to its creatine content, this product is to be taken by adults only. Not recommended for longer periods without consulting a healthcare professional. Not recommended for people undergoing treatment with antidepressants or antidiabetic medication, or for people suffering from diseases characterized by an abnormal accumulation of iron. Please consult your healthcare professional if you are taking any medication, including anticoagulants or antiaggregants. Beta-Alanine may cause a tingling sensation. This product is not to be taken without a meal. Do not exceed the Recommended Daily Portion. This product should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Store tightly sealed in the original packaging in a cool, dry place, avoiding direct sunlight.
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Vegan Pre-Workout 90 tabs

Combining tested ingredients, like BCAAs, beta-Alanine, creatine, caffeine, Prozis Vegan Pre-Workout was developed with demanding vegan athletes in mind
Vegan Pre-Workout 90 tabs


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