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Prozis Humidifier

Let the good energy Soar

210 g

173 mm

66 mm

Feel it in the air

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere. Air moisture is directly related to your comfort because it influences your body’s ability to cool down. As a result, having a good humidity level at home is crucial, not only for your well-being, but also for the proper functioning of your electronic devices and furniture.

Prozis Humidifier

Available in black or white

Prozis Humidifier
Neither high nor dry

A good, comfortable humidity level at home depends on your preferences, your clothing, and the physical activity you perform indoors. It also depends on whether it's Summer or Winter.

The air capacity to hold water vapor depends on the temperature. During Winter and colder weather, the air will be less able to retain water vapor, so the humidity will be lower when compared to Summer. That's why we associate dry air to Winter and sticky air to Summer.

  • Prozis Humidifier

    8-hour timer

  • Prozis Humidifier

    90º tip over without spilling

  • Prozis Humidifier

    Two mist modes

  • Prozis Humidifier

    Mood light

Prozis Humidifier

Mist Volume

30 mL/h (continuous mode)

Coverage Area

1 – 6 m²

Tank Volume

200 mL


2 W


DC – 5 V

Prozis Humidifier
Consequences of dry air

An adequate level of humidity plays a decisive role in your body’s reactions, as well as in your home’s overall condition. Check what can happen if the air’s too dry:

Prozis Humidifier

For your home

  • Can crack your wood furniture and floors
  • Can chip the painting off your walls
  • Can damage your electronics and make your AC less efficient
  • Can cause brittleness, discoloration, and flaking of pictures and paintings
  • Can foment the thriving of viruses and germs
Prozis Humidifier

For your body

  • Dry, itchy skin, nose, and hair
  • Cracked lips
  • Cough, irritated throat and vocal cords
  • Susceptibility to colds and respiratory illness
  • Can be related to asthma, allergic reactions, headache, and sinus congestion
Prozis Humidifier
Inside the box:

1 × Prozis Soar - Humidifier

1 × Charging Cable

1 × User Manual

Don’t overdew Prozis Soar:
  • Closed indoor use only
  • Do not use perfume or essential oils
  • Do not operate with little or no water
  • Do not use highly purified or distilled water

Made in Non EU
EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
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User Manual
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Soar Humidifier - Black

Keep an adequate humidity level in your home with Prozis Soar, a leakproof humidifier with intermittent and continuous modes. Live comfortably!
Soar Humidifier - Black

Color Black



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