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Leather Weightlifting Straps
  • Made from 100% heavy-duty leather for extra strength
  • Width: 3.8 cm / 1.5”
  • Supple feel for more wrist comfort
  • One size fits all
  • 43.8 cm / 17.25” long for maximum grip
  • Sold in pairs
Prozis Cotton Weightlifting Straps

Strap yourself in!

It's all too common for people to train with weights to strengthen their arms and pecs, only to end up feeling more strain in their wrists and hands than fatigue in the muscles they target. Luckily bodybuilders and weightlifters already found a solution to this problem a while ago: lifting straps. With one end forming a loop around the wrist, and the other wrapped around the bar, they improve grip and relieve tension on the fingers and wrists, so that the arms and chest can focus on the actual lifting work to be done. And guess what: they work! So if your hands and wrists are often sore after grabbing the weights, here’s your simple but resourceful solution!

Prozis Cotton Weightlifting Straps

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Leather Weightlifting Straps - Camel

Does lifting hurt your hands and wrists? These leather lifting straps by Prozis help relieve tension so you can focus on your exercise. Strap yourself in!
Leather Weightlifting Straps - Camel

Color Camel



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