In order to be able to lift heavy weights, everything needs to be in the right proportion. Focus on strength training and don't deny yourself any food, as long as you always go for the healthier options. If your bodyweight needs to fit in a specific category, supplementation can help you with that.
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


As a weightlifter, the first thing to do is get the hang of the technique involved in the required movements. Make sure to work on limberness, coordination and balance. After mastering the techniques to each of these elements, focus on developing quick, explosive strength. In order to do that, keep your number of reps low in each movement but choose weights that will really challenge you.


Increase the intake of all macronutrients with all the meals you have, particularly proteins and carbohydrates. Depending on whether you wish to lose or gain weight, decrease or increase the amount of carbohydrates in your meals.


Whey and creatine promote strength gains. If gaining weight proves to be a difficult task for you, you can consider using a mass gainer.

Products to reach my Goals

Before training

If you want more strength, creatine is the supplement to add to your supplementation routine.

After training

Intense exercise causes damage to muscle tissue. A good dose of carbs and protein, creatine (if you didn't take any pre-workout) and glutamine are essential for muscle mass reconstruction and increased strength levels.