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Prozis Scent
The scent of relaxation, anywhere!

The stress of the car ride to work, the formality of the office or the coldness of a hotel room can mess around with your feelings and influence your mood. Fortunately, there is a simple way to deal with those emotions: smelling your favorite comforting or energizing fragrances.

Scents and emotions are tightly connected. Our olfactory system has a direct link to our limbic system, which affects our behavior. In fact, our nose is continually taking us to memories of moments, places, and people, triggering different feelings. And that's why the sense of smell can be very helpful when you are looking to relax throughout your busy days.

The right diffuser for your essential oils is a step in the relaxing direction. With Prozis Scent, creating a pleasant environment and evoking positive emotions is rather simple and completely in your control, no matter where you are.

Prozis Scent

Weight: 135 g | Dimensions: 65 x 52 x 112 mm | Area of effect: 3 - 7 m²

Prozis Scent
Easy to set, easy to move
  • Prozis Scent


  • Prozis Scent


  • Prozis Scent

    Works up to 12 hours

Delight your senses

Prozis Scent is small and handy yet powerful and long-lasting

This portable aroma diffuser allows you to enjoy your favorite relaxing scents simply by dripping a few drops onto the attached cotton pad. No water needed!

But what makes the Prozis Scent stand out is its up to 12 hour running time. This means you can turn it on at the beginning of your workday and it will run consistently throughout the entire day.

At home or on the go, you can use your favorite aroma to support or trigger different moods. For example, a woody mix of oils when friends visit, an orange-based oil when you need an energizing effect, or a blend of cinnamon and nutmeg just in time for the winter season.

Prozis Scent
How it works

1- Charge the diffuser

Connect the USB cable to the diffuser and to a power source. A white light will flash.

2- Remove the top cover

Rotate the top cover counter-clockwise and then pull it out.

3- Add essential oil

Add a few drops of essential oil into the cotton pad.

4- Switch ON

Place back the top cover and rotate ir clockwise. The LED light will stay on and the essential oil will be released.

5- Switch OFF

To soft the operation, rotate the top cover counter-clockwise. The LED light will switch off.

Prozis Scent
Use it anywhere:
  • Prozis Scent


  • Prozis Scent

    Hotel room

  • Prozis Scent


  • Prozis Scent


Prozis Scent
Inside the box:

1x Prozis Scent - USB Aroma Diffuser

1x Charging Cable

1x Refill Pad

1x User Manual

Smell trouble? Be careful:
  • Only use in dry environments.
  • Do not place it outside and avoid direct sunlight.
Prozis Scent


Your fragrant little secret

Made in Non EU
LITHIUM TEST SUMMARY - Scent - USB Aroma Diffuser
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User Manual
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Scent - EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Updated on: 2019-11-22 - 60.41 KB
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Scent - USB Aroma Diffuser

The scent of pure relaxation, anywhere! With Prozis Scent, a portable aroma diffuser, you can enjoy your favorite scents throughout the day. Feel relaxed!
Scent - USB Aroma Diffuser


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