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Wrist Wraps

  • Ideal for lifting exercises
  • With a thumb loop for easy wrapping
  • Thick, stretchy cotton for maximum support
  • 35.6 cm long, 7.6 cm wide
  • Extra wide hook-and-loop closure
  • Sold in pairs
Prozis Wrist Wrap

That's a wrap!

Weight exercises that work your biceps, triceps and pecs can also apply a lot of pressure on your wrists, and may even cause them harm in case of longer periods of major strain. So it's hardly surprising that many bodybuilders use wrist wraps in an attempt to relieve some of that pressure and keep their wrist joints in optimal condition. These wrist wraps by Prozis feature all the key elements for protection and support: heavy-duty and stretchy cotton, a wide hook-and-loop closure, and a thumb loop to help you achieve a nice and tight wrap around your wrists. Nothing can hold you back now!

Prozis Wrist Wrap

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Prozis Wrist Wraps - Pair (2) Black / Red

Ready for another weight training session? Don’t forget Prozis Wrist Wraps to protect and support your wrists. Don't let anything hold you back!
Prozis Wrist Wraps - Pair (2) Black / Red

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