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Prozis Rocket Bottle 750ml

Large capacity and 100% leak-proof, this is the perfect partner for your workouts and sports activities.
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Prozis Bottle

Rocket Bottle

  • 750 ml capacity
  • BPA-free, non-toxic LDPE

Innovative, modern and elegant

We have lift-off!

The Prozis Rocket Bottle is innovative in its modern and elegant design. The way the lid, the mouthpiece and the cup come together to form this bottle is nearly perfect, and with its 750 ml capacity you'll be able to train for quite a while before having to stop for a refill. Especially recommended for those who work out in really hot environments!

Prozis Bottle

Rocket science

Thanks to the resilient low-density polyethylene, you can simply squeeze the bottle to determine how much liquid you want to come out. The measurements, in both millilitres and fluid ounces, are indicated along a transparent strip. The bottle is guaranteed 100% leak-proof, making it excellent for cyclists or runners as it can be used while on the move, but it also fits perfectly in bottle cages on bikes and cup holders in cars. Give yourself a rocket boost, with the Prozis Rocket Bottle!

Skyrocketing your performance:

  • Superior-quality low-density polyethylene
  • Available in several colours
  • Measurements in ml and fl. oz.
  • Safe for food use
  • Made in the E.U.

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Prozis Rocket Bottle 750ml

Color Black



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