Our Promise

Our Promise

We are not perfect. We are Human.

We make mistakes, and sometimes we do dumb things. But we learn and evolve. We endure and move forward. Please forgive us and understand that we are doing our best. We are becoming better every day. We are exceeding ourselves. 

Value is what we offer.

You will not pay any luxury tax here. We don’t believe in it. It's not how expensive something is that makes a product good or bad, beautiful or ugly. Price is not what makes something exclusive. We don’t care if we sell 30%, 50% or 90% cheaper than our competitors. The bigger the difference between us and our competition, the more value we are giving to you.


It's not about the money. We have a Mission.

Of course, money is important to our operation. When we have profit, it means that we're heading in the direction you want us to go. It means that we should keep investing. But our mission is what moves us, and we will prove that. 

Passion for Beauty. 

Design, architecture, paintings, movies, poetry, sculptures, music, photography and nature. We love it all.
Everything we do, we do beautifully. We feel our products carry an expression of ourselves. We think about Prozis as a masterpiece. We are not building a company, we are building a collective artistic expression through our work that will endure, even when we are not here anymore.

We love the Future.

We want the future now. We are here to push the limits. We want to colonise Mars. Risky and expensive, we know, but we love it. We try to innovate in everything we do. We don’t think inside or outside the box. For us there is no box.

Truth is an investment.

Yes, we say a lot of good things about our products. Yes, we also take very nice pictures. But we don’t lie. We believe truth will pay out in the end, even if that payout is sleeping better at night.

Ethics above all.

We treat others the way we like to be treated. Sometimes aggressively, sometimes hard, but at other times we are soft and caring. We don’t discriminate based on colour, religion, sexuality or culture. However, what we don’t like is people who do bad things to others. Our inspiration is rooted in Christian and Western ethics. We don’t care about what is politically correct. Don’t try to change us, you will not succeed. 

We look up to Justice.

For us, the customer is the centre of everything we do. We get up every day thinking about what we can do to improve your life. We spend all our energy working for you (except during weekends). In all honesty though, the customer is not always right, and we will defend our position when we believe someone is taking advantage of us. If you think you're not being treated fairly, send an e-mail to [email protected] Your e-mail will go directly to our CEO's mailbox. We will take care of you.

We Believe that we can make our world better.

Besides our mission, we believe that we should take care of our employees, our neighbours, and our partners. We also believe it is necessary to care for the environment for future generations. And in all stubbornness and innocence, we still believe that we can improve the lives of people even if they are on the other side of the planet. We will keep believing until the day we die. And this is our promise.