2º Trail do Cavalo

Alter do Chão, Portalegre, Portugal 6 octubre 2018

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2.º Trail do Cavalo

The 2.º Trail do Cavalo will take place on October 6th, 2018, organised by Alter Runners. For this edition, participants will be able to start at the Coudelaria de Alter do Chão, a symbol of this municipality, and then finish at the centre of town, where we’ll have the usual celebration and friendly gathering among participants.

Price Table

Stage Event Price Payment deadline
Single Stage Long Trail 32 km €15 Until September 23rd 2018
Single Stage Short Trail 17 km €12 Until September 23rd 2018
Single Stage Hike 12 km €10 Until September 23rd 2018



¿Qué incluye la inscripción?
- Event participation
- Supplies
- Tech t-shirt
- Personal accident insurance
- Finisher award
- Gifts the organisation is able to obtain


More questions?

The 2º Trail do Cavalo team is always here to help. Check our FAQ, send us an e-mail or give us a call.

+351 968 864 627

[email protected]

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