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Prozis Jutsu Wallet

Get rid of that extra weight

Do you still carry that bulky, overweight wallet around?

Do you still collect receipt after receipt, paper after paper, until your wallet is about to burst at the seams?

And those old receipts you keep, can you even still read them?

Just let it all go, dispose of everything that’s not important, and take a deep breath... See how it feels? Now imagine walking around like that all day!

Jutsu Wallet

Prozis Jutsu Wallet

The perfect card trick

The Prozis Jutsu Wallet is for those who aren’t ready to completely give up their wallet just yet.

Prozis Jutsu Wallet

One flick away

The Jutsu Wallet keeps up to six of your most used cards safely stored in an RFID-protected aluminum case. This model comes enveloped in a protective leather pouch with a magnetic flap that opens to incorporate your banknotes and other personal essentials. It also features a small zipper pocket where you can store your change. Have easy access to all your cards in a single flick.

Bent cards? Not anymore

An essential accessory that keeps everything the way it’s supposed to: tidy, flat, and ready to go. It’s tough and robust enough to withstand daily usage, and the aluminum alloy makes it light as a feather.

Prozis Jutsu Wallet
Prozis Jutsu Wallet

Better safe than sorry

Each item comes equipped with RFID-blocking technology so that you can stay safe while keeping it simple, all the time.

Go minimalist with the Jutsu. Unclutter your wallet, your mind, and maybe even correct your posture while you’re at it.

Sleek & smart

Prozis Jutsu Wallet


  • 6 bank cards (RFID-protected)
  • 3 extra cards
  • Banknotes
  • Coins
  • Business cards
  • Receipts

Safe, simple and stylish

Prozis Jutsu Wallet
Prozis Jutsu Wallet
Prozis Jutsu Wallet
Prozis Jutsu Wallet
Prozis Jutsu Wallet

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Jutsu Wallet - Café Crème

The Prozis Jutsu keeps your life organized as you ditch your old, bulky wallet. Sleek and safe thanks to RFID protection. Get yours!
Jutsu Wallet - Café Crème



Color Café Crème

Café Crème


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