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Prozis Kitchen Scale

Scaled to your needs.

Who doesn’t have a scale in their kitchen? For those who like to cook and take everything they bake seriously, measuring everything accurately only provides advantages and helps achieve the best results! Let’s face it, one handful of sugar and flour is just not precise enough, right? It’s a question that carries serious weight!

Prozis Kitchen Scale
Checks and balances.

How many times has the exact amount of flour or sugar escaped from the container and from your calculations? Now there are no excuses for anything to go wrong anymore! Just place your Prozis Dash Kitchen Scale on a flat surface and make sure it's properly supported before you start using it. With a maximum weight limit of 5 kg, just put a container or whatever you want to weigh on the scale platform, and the corresponding weight will appear on the screen. What else is missing for you to bake the most delicious recipes and succeed delightfully in the kitchen?

Prozis Kitchen Scale
A dash of boldness.

There’s always a scale to measure how bold you are! The art of cooking can be a real delight with the right accessories! With a friendly design and bold colors, the Prozis Kitchen Scale invites food lovers to some real cooking fun!

Prozis Kitchen Scale
Put on some weight!
  • Put the scale on a hard, flat surface (preferably a clean, flat table) and make sure it's steady before you use it.

  • Never place more than 5 kg/11 lb on the scale.

  • The scale is for home use only, and not intended for professional use.

Prozis Kitchen Scale
What's in the box
  • 1 × Dash Kitchen scale
  • 1 × CR2032 Button cell battery
  • 1 × Quick Guide and Warranty Statement

See the manual for further information on usage and warranties.

Made in Non EU
User Manual
Updated on: 2019-12-17 - 332.49 KB

Dash You - EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Updated on: 2019-12-11 - 67.57 KB
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Dash You - Digital Kitchen Scale

Do you still use "a handful of" and other imprecise measurements when making your recipes? Weigh your ingredients accurately with the Prozis Kitchen Scale!
Dash You - Digital Kitchen Scale


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