Improving Female Hormone Balance

Throughout a woman's life, hormone changes occur when moving on from one life stage to the next. These changes keep track with alterations in the metabolism and the reproductive cycle.

Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Walking 45 minutes per day, several times per week, can help women counter the symptoms that manifest themselves during the menopause while also contributing to better health in general.


Consume foods rich in complex carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables, foods containing omega-3, calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc. These will help control the symptoms in stressful periods (particularly during the pre-menstrual phase and the menopause).


There are supplements that have been especially developed to combat the symptoms associated to the hormonal alterations that occur during a woman's life, and to prevent menopause-related conditions. A good example of this is evening primrose oil, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties.