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Street workout

A calisthenics training session consumes an enormous amount of energy. Using nothing but your own bodyweight is truly demanding, even more so when you've already mastered some of the more advanced techniques such as a Dragon Flag or a Flag Pole. We have some tips that can help you improve your performance.
Street workout
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Start by working on the basic movements: Dips, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, Pistols etc. Always vary in the exercise you do each training, so your body is constantly subjected to new stimuli. When you've learned the basic moves, adapt them for increased resistance and difficulty. For example, instead of regular pull-ups you could do L-shaped pull-ups.


Calisthenics training decreases the percentage of body fat and helps increase strength and definition of the muscles. The best diet is as clean and varied as possible. Stay away from sugars and processed foots, and make sure to incorporate a large variety of fruits, vegetables and nuts into your diet.


Calisthenics training can be truly intensive and exhausting. Taking amino acids intra-workout can help delay fatigue and impede muscle mass breakdown. Pay special attention to the joints. Taking Omega-3 can help keep inflammation away.

Products to reach my Goals

Losing fat

If you want to lose weight and get well-defined muscles, there are supplements such as thermogenic fat burners, CLA and L-carnitine that can help.

Muscle mass and strength development

Creatine is the supplement to include in your supplementation regimen to help you develop the strength needed to lift any bar you encounter on your way. When combined with a protein-rich diet, it's sure to make your muscles stronger and more defined.

Athlete health

Keep your body's defences on the alert. Quality sleep is very important for the recovery and development of your muscles. Include antioxidants in your diet and make sure your body has access to all the vitamins it needs.