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Improving Sleep Quality and Reducing Stress

Factors such as a fast-paced lifestyle, competitiveness and the consumption of processed foods and stimulants have a tendency to make people anxious and irritable. This often results in them not feeling fully relaxed and recovered after sleeping, which can become a vicious circle with unwellness assuming control over daily life.
Improving Sleep Quality and Reducing Stress
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Activities such as swimming, yoga, pilates and dancing help release built-up tension and help the body relax, thereby also promoting a good night's sleep.


Foods such as bananas, passion fruit, milk and camomile tea are known for favouring the regulation of humor and nervousness.


To support a healthy diet, there are supplements that contain 5-HTP, GABA or melatonin, which promote well-being and lower levels of anxiety and nervousness while also helping to improve quality of sleep.

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Reducing stress, anxiety and mood swings

These supplements contain substances that mimic or stimulate the production of substances naturally present in the body, which are responsible for mental well-being and keep bad moods away. They also provide the vitality needed to face everyday life with more motivation and determination.