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Cardiovascular Health Support

Cardiovascular conditions are a cause for concern for the general population. Protect your cardiovascular health with the right supplements and enhance your well-being.
Cardiovascular Health Support
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Regular and focused exercise supports venous return and the prevention of varicose veins. Make sure to choose activities that promote blood circulation in the legs, such as walking, swimming or cycling, as well as low and medium intensity aerobic exercise, which benefit heart function.


Consuming foods that contain a lot of antioxidants, fibres, proteins, vitamins B and C as well as other venotropic substances can help keep varicose veins away and improve blood circulation. Choose foods rich in omega-3, like fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardine, because this group of healthy fats can be a valuable aid in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Various studies demonstrate that certain supplements, when combined with changes in one's way of living and specific medical treatment (if necessary) can help reduce cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure and reduce other risk factors associated to cardiac conditions.

Products to reach my Goals

Weary legs and varicose veins

These supplements help normalise the circulation of blood in its vessels, and are generally formulated with plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. Some of them contain substances that promote the production of nitric oxide, a compound that the body produces itself as well and that stimulates microcirculation and vasodilation. It contributes to enhanced blood flow towards all the body's tissues. Therefore, supplements like these help protect the veins through anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing action.

Prevention of cardiovascular conditions (cholesterol, hypertension etc.)

These supplements contain substances such as omegas and other good fats which are important agents against inflammation, help maintain healthy joint function, increase the body's fat burning capacity, promote a good mood and stimulate brain activity. Other ingredients, such as vitamin K and garlic extract, help prevent arterial stiffness, venous thrombosis and other circulatory problems. The specific vitamins and minerals are important for the correct formation of blood cells, that are responsible for the transport of nutrients to the body's tissues and organs, as well as for the excretion of residual products resulting from cellular activity.