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Prozis Glass Bottle

The perfect balance

Fashionable, reusable, and good for the earth. The Prozis Helsinki Glass Bottle will put a big smile on the face of those who are trying to live a more balanced life. Who would dare show up with a plastic bottle for their next yoga class?

Prozis Glass Bottle

Design of the times

Whether during exercise, at work or at school, everyone needs encouragement sometimes. And our Helsinki glass bottle gives you exactly that! Prepare for an elevation of your spirit and your style.

Prozis Glass Bottle

Bottles up!

Begone, disposable plastic bottles, the world won't be needing you anymore! From now on, everyone will be using the Prozis Glass Bottle because, quite simply, there's no excuse not to! It's perfect for just about any situation: travel, work, school, home, gym, hiking or bicycle riding... And what's best about it is that it's easy to clean, so you can use it again and again, every day.

Prozis Glass Bottle

Top of the glass

For enhanced temperature resistance and plain convenience, the 500 mL bottle itself is made of hand-blown, lightweight borosilicate glass. It's eco-friendly and free from toxic materials, and it can handle both hot and cold drinks with its temperature range from -20ºC up to 100ºC. You can even fit a teabag through its 35 mm-wide mouth and brew tea in it, or add ice cubes for cooling. It also makes drinking straight from the bottle more comfortable.

Prozis Glass Bottle

The best materials

The silicone sleeve provides a bit of protection for the fragile glass bottle, as well as for your hands if it's filled with scalding hot liquid. And it also gives it a good grip and a bit of color, bound to come in handy when you want to tell yours apart from your neighbor's.

Lastly, the screw-on cap is made from bamboo, with a silicone seal on the inside to ensure no leakage can occur.

Prozis Glass Bottle
Prozis Helsinki Glass Bottle Highlights:
  • Capacity of 500 mL
  • Temperature-resistant borosilicate glass (-20ºC to 100ºC)
  • Protective silicone sleeve
  • Great for water, sports drinks, juice or tea
  • Dimensions: 65 x 220 mm
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher
  • Not suitable for the microwave

Say no to plastic bottles! From now on, you'll use the Prozis Helsinki Glass Bottle-Black: eco-friendly and capable of handling both hot and cold drinks.

Made in Non EU
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Helsinki Glass Bottle - Black 500 ml

Say no to plastic bottles! From now on, you'll use the Prozis Helsinki Glass Bottle-Black: eco-friendly and capable of handling both hot and cold drinks.
Helsinki Glass Bottle - Black 500 ml

Color Black



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