Zero Blue Cheese Dressing 290 g Review

Squeeze the most out of your diet! Prozis Zero Blue Cheese Dressing gets you closer to your fitness goals while adding plenty of goodness to your food.

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Posted by: Bogdan Gheorghiu
This sauce tastes great on many things. It doesn't have a strong, artificial taste like many zero cal sauces.

Delicious Sauce
Posted by: Raquel Chaves
Makes all meals delicious. I recommend it.

Delicious :)
Posted by: Mónika Menyhárt
This is what I like to use for Protein Pasta Salad.

tastes good
Posted by: Nelleke Pruijs
The flavour is good, but it could be a little thicker, chunkier. However it works good on a salad and will certainly buy it again.

Blue cheese
Posted by: Vera Monica Santos
Good flavor I really like

not really my favorite
Posted by: Tina Roxana
you hate it or you love it

Not bad
Posted by: Andrea Kaszonyi
The taste is artificia

True taste
Posted by: Victor Ciortea
Very good for pork meat

I like this. :)
Posted by: Mónika Menyhárt
My favorite is Chinese cuisine. I use this sauce many times.:)

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