Sachet 100% Vegan Protein 30 g Review

Prozis 100% Vegan Protein ticks the right boxes: plant-based, with BCAAs and iron, enriched with DigeZyme® and available in convenient sachets. Try it!

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Posted by: Giacomo Innocenti
easy to carry with you for every situation

Amazing Quality and Taste
Posted by: Christoph Andracik
I ordered it in Cookies and Cream flavor and was so hyped to finally try it! My girlfriend, who has gluten intolerance also likes it and most importantly she tolerates it! 5/5 Stars!

Vegan protein
Posted by: Joana Ferreira
The best vegan protein I have ever tried. Totally recommend it!

great product
Posted by: Shawn Tellus
great product

Single serving vegan protein sachet
Posted by: Jennifer Haughton
These sachets are super handy for having on the go. I mix them in with oats or throw them in my gym bag for post-workout shake.

delicious vegan protein
Posted by: Clementine Bergerot
I love that Prozis is extending the Vegan protein offer! Great composition and nutritional facts Thanks!

Posted by: Rebekah Davies-patrick
prefer the taste of other protein powders

Posted by: Marisol Galdames
very nice

Good quality
Posted by: Dalila Presta
I like the taste and the quality is good. The best deal for quality price in the market

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