6 x Organic Magic Spelt Waffles 25 g Review

Prozis Organic Magic Spelt Waffles are premium quality Belgian waffles made with the best organic and GMO-free ingredients. Enjoy this delicious treat!

4.5 / 5
215 reviews
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215 comments (4 in English)

Very good
Posted by: Joana Ferreira
Super similar to the normal waffles in such a better version, healthier and tasty :) Love it

Not too much waffle flavor
Posted by: Ana Cortés
Taste more than spelt than a sweet waffle, only less sweet

Overall good, but small.
Posted by: Agnieszka Szreder
I didn’t read that they are so tiny and was hooked by the calories. They are twice as small as the ‘normal’ size, but nevertheless they’re delicious.

Guilty free
Posted by: Ana Castro
Good snack

211 comments in other languages

Super Waffeln
Posted by: Chris Koziol

Leckere Waffeln
Posted by: Benjamin Knobel
Mir schmecken die Waffel sehr gut esse sie gerne

Guter Geschmack und wenig Zucker
Posted by: Clemens Konrad
Perfekt mit Almond Butter von Prozis :D

Biologika Magika Olyra 25
Posted by: Anastasios Pantopoulos

Buenos buenos
Posted by: Luis Correia
Mejor gofres que hay

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