Returns & Exchanges


As an e-commerce company, Prozis offers a wide range of sports and nutritional products, sports supplements, as well as general health products, while complying with the stipulated terms and conditions.

All placed orders will be dispatched to the designated address within the stated time limits and in accordance with our terms and conditions. No further payments or information will be requested besides those dealt with during the ordering procedure.

Honesty, quality, and transparency during the whole procedure are our main commitment the client, and we will do everything within our power to maintain our standards.

The products for sale on our website are made up of substances (as shown in presented formulas) that are legal at the moment of leaving our warehouse, although they may not be legal in the destination country chosen for delivery.

In fact, in several countries, there are territorial restrictions regarding certain substances (or formulas containing these substances) and it is the client's obligation to verify this with the competent authorities before confirming his/her order through our website.

Therefore, Prozis will not accept responsibility for any product that has been ordered by the client and subsequently subjected to any form of legal or tax procedure, restriction or confiscation by customs authorities in the destination country.

Prozis cannot at all times have full knowledge of the customs laws and regulations in force in different countries all over the world due to the ever changing nature of these laws and regulations. Therefore, our delivery guarantee does not cover issues that may arise from this fact and that are beyond our will and our capacity for action. Any request for payment of additional fees, documentation or the confiscation of the order will thus never be our responsibility, nor made through our own initiative.

In general, orders subjected to customs checks (which are usually only a small percentage of the total amount of orders) result in the following three distinct situations:

  • Total legality of the product and its importation into the destination territory, without the need to pay additional fees or present further documentation.
    The product is delivered to the customer in accordance with our terms and conditions, without any additional requests or costs.
  • Importing the product is legal, but subjected to customs fees or the need to present documents such as a medical prescription.
    The addressee is contacted by customs and given a deadline before which additional documentation is to be presented or additional fees are to be paid. If these requirements are not met within the set time limit, in most cases the order is returned to Prozis.
  • Illegality of the product in the destination territory.
    In this case, depending on the country in question, the product is either returned to Prozis or confiscated and destroyed by customs authorities.

If for any of the above reasons the order is returned to us, all delivery and return costs are to be covered by the client. These costs are to be deducted from the reimbursement (when applicable).

In certain countries, in case delivery does not prove possible due to reasons beyond the control of Prozis or the transport service, (e.g. an incorrect or incomplete address), the order may be destroyed by the transport service, meaning that no reimbursement is applicable.

Once a returned order arrives at our premises, it is inspected in order to determine if the products have been tampered with or damaged during transit. The customer is then contacted via our Helpdesk with the relevant reimbursement information. The reimbursement will correspond to the total order value minus all transport costs, a 10% product restocking fee, and all return fees that may have been charged by customs authorities. If any of the products have been tampered with or damaged, the costs of these products are also deducted from the amount to be refunded.

No refund is given for any order returned after 6 (six) months from the dispatch date, regardless of who is responsible for the return (the customer or the customs authorities).

Unfortunately, if an order is confiscated or lost at customs and it is not returned to us, we will not be able to give a refund. In these unfortunate circumstances, we offer our apologies and hope that more accurate information regarding the customs restrictions in the destination country can be obtained.

We believe that customers will understand that we cannot refund orders that are confiscated, lost or destroyed at customs, and that this will not affect the image of excellence that we trust the customer has of Prozis, taking into account our excellent level of services and the general satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

Our commitment and our main aim are to get the products ordered by customers to their destination, without extra costs, and within the previously stated time limits and conditions. However, we are aware that our effort to live up to the expectations of our clients may at times be conditioned by circumstances beyond our control.

We accept orders from our clients, trusting that at the time of placing the order, clients are duly informed regarding what can be imported into the destination country, and that they understand and accept all conditions and information in this statement.


The client can only cancel the order directly from his/her account as long as it has not yet been paid for and is not already being processed. If these conditions are met, the client can simply access his/her account, click on "My Prozis account" and then on "My orders". In the column "Orders history", the client can then select the order to be cancelled, causing all relevant order information to appear in the column "Order details". At the bottom of this order details section (it may be necessary to scroll down), he/she can click on "Cancel order". Once the order is cancelled, the client will receive a confirmation message.

Order cancellation is only possible via the previously described procedure. Any cancellation request made by any other means will not be fulfilled.


Should the client wish to return one or more items, this can be done within 14 days after receiving the order, as long as the products are intact, sealed, complete and inside the original packaging. The packaging cannot be damaged, altered or scratched. It is up to the client to ensure that the returned items arrive at our facilities within 28 days, counting from the day on which the order was delivered.

To exercise the right of return, the client will have to contact our Customer Service. It will be necessary to specify the order number, the descriptions or reference numbers of the products to be returned, and how the reimbursement is to take place. Reimbursement is possible either via the original payment method or by means of a reimbursement coupon, that remains valid for 12 months after it is issued. Once this period has passed, no new reimbursement can be issued.

The client also needs to be aware if the product to be returned was acquired as part of any promotional campaign, and if any free product was attributed to the order as a result of the product's acquisition. If that is the case, it will be necessary to not only return the product in question, but also the product that was added for free. Both products are required to comply with the aforementioned guidelines.

A pack, composed of various products, can only be returned in its entirety. If the client wishes to return a product belonging to a pack, it will be necessary to return all the products that are part of that particular pack. All of the pack's products are required to comply with the aforementioned guidelines.

It is up to the client to send the item(s) to the following address:


Rua do Cais n. 198, Fontarcada

4830-345 Póvoa de Lanhoso


In case of incomplete or damaged products, products without their original packaging and/or label, or products that present signs of use, returns will not be accepted.

Neither do we accept returns of products that will expire in less than a month, underwear or swimming clothes, or offers or products that were purchased with ProzisPoints.

If we do receive an item in any of the above mentioned conditions or with the transport service label placed directly on the respective product packaging, the client will lose the right to be reimbursed and will be granted 10 days to have the item(s) picked up from our premises, paying for the collection costs.


The client will have to return the item(s), request the respective reimbursement, and subsequently place a new order.
The entire return process is described in detail in the paragraph RETURNS.


PROZIS will do everything in its power to reimburse the client as quickly as possible. PROZIS is however entitled to a maximum reimbursement term of 15 days, counting from the day the product arrives back at our warehouse.

If the payment was made by credit card, the reimbursement will be issued to the account associated with the credit card that was used for the original payment, and it will appear on the client's next bank statement.*

If the payment was made by PayPal, the reimbursement payment will be made to the respective Paypal account and will become available immediately.*

If the chosen payment method was Cash on Delivery or ATM/bank transfer, the client will be asked for the necessary details of the account on which he/she wishes to receive the reimbursement.*

* Please note that the above-mentioned payment methods are not available for every country. To know what payment methods are available for the client's country, please read the information available above, under "Payment Methods".

The client may also choose to be reimbursed through a discount coupon, regardless of the original payment method used. This coupon will remain valid for 12 months, counting from the day on which it is created. Once this period has passed, it will be impossible to realize any further reimbursement.


In case PROZIS is liable for the return of the order, we will reimburse the respective shipping costs (e.g. in case of defective products or products different from the ones actually ordered).

However, if an order consisting of several products contains only one defective product, the shipping costs will not be reimbursed.