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X-Motion Trail Shorts
Prozis X-Motion

No limits,
no boundaries.
Chase your true nature.

X-Motion Trail Shorts

Model's height:1.68 m

Model is wearing: Size XS-S

X-Motion Trail Shorts

Model's height: 1.78 m

Model is wearing: Size M-L

The PROZIS X-Motion clothing range has been developed specifically for Trail Running, in collaboration with several high-performance athletes from different countries throughout all stages of development and testing. Expect premium quality and the latest technical features, including base layer items with and without graduated compression, mid layers designed primarily for thermal protection, and outer layers engineered to give you shelter from rain and storm.

X-Motion Trail Shorts
Fiber Technology
Flow-T technology

An engineered textile fiber integrated into a graduated compression structure that helps to keep temperature under control. It has a supersoft feel and excellent moisture-wicking properties.

90% Polyamide / 10% Elastane

X-Motion Trail Shorts
Product Features

Featuring laboratory-tested materials, it delivers the best possible combination of lightness, performance and comfort, while focusing on optimal engineering for the following important trail running aspects:

X-Motion Trail Jacket Features
X-Motion Trail Shorts

With this product, you can count on:

Compression Class I 15-21mmHg

This fabric has been especially designed to fit the shape and anatomy of the legs. Featuring EU Standard class I graduated compression, it stimulates blood circulation for faster recovery and provides extra muscle support during exercise.

X-Motion Trail Windbreaker
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X-Motion Trail Windbreaker
Trail Running


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X-Motion Trail Jacket
X-Motion Trail Windbreaker

Stitched label-free

Our clothes are synonym for comfort. We’ve gone with an approach that leaves a major imprint on our apparel: go stitch-free! Without a sewn-in label, wearing the clothing becomes more comfortable by not causing skin soreness.

Fitting advice

This item
Fitting advice Tight

Feel your body with each move you make. This tighter fit brings out your body's silhouette.

Fitting advice Regular

To move comfortably and freely every day, that is the motto.

Fitting advice Loose

Total freedom of movement. Your easy, relaxed fit for a casual look.

Want to up your game? The Prozis X-Motion Compression Legs - Red will hug your legs firmly and provide the compression you need. Go run that trail!


90% Polyamide
10% Elastane

Made in EU
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X-Motion Compression Leg - Red

Want to up your game? The Prozis X-Motion Compression Legs - Red will hug your legs firmly and provide the compression you need. Go run that trail!
X-Motion Compression Leg - Red

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