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Take it to the Maxi

  • Easy-to-carry 1.89 L bottle
  • BPA- and DEHP-free
  • 100% leakproof
  • Perfect for the gym, outdoors, and the office
Prozis Bottle

Lightweight, durable, affordable, distinctive-looking and with a 1.89 L capacity, this Maxi Bottle by Prozis is the ideal companion for the gym and for outdoor activities like hiking. Nevertheless, it's also very convenient at the office, where it'll surely save you several trips to the water dispenser!

Made from high-quality polyethylene, in compliance with the strictest requirements for food contact, the Prozis Maxi Bottle is 100% BPA- and DEHP-free. The completely leakproof screw cap comes attached to the bottle by a strap – making it impossible for you to lose it, no matter how distracted you are. For your convenience, it is also equipped with a handle that makes the Maxi Bottle easy to carry.

Keep your water close by on your active or busy days. The Prozis Maxi Bottle won't let you down! It's the ideal companion for you to keep hydrated, whenever and wherever you need it.

Prozis Bottle

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Prozis Maxi Bottle 1.89 L

Prozis Maxi Bottle — The gym, the mountains, the office… Take your Maxi Bottle anywhere!
Prozis Maxi Bottle 1.89 L

Color Black



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