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Prozis Essence


Aroma Diffuser

Smells Like Magic

Do you know how you associate a specific perfume to one person, or a specific aroma to a place?

That's how magical an aroma can be.

In spite of being highly underrated, our sense of smell has a high impact on our daily life and on our dearest memories. Perfumes and odors have mastered the art of mnemonics, being capable of bringing back that exotic place, one’s home, or even that special someone.

The smell of someone or something is like its invisible signature, it’s the untouchable mark that clings to us forever.

Prozis Essence is here to inspire new memories. Create yours!

Prozis Essence

Weight: 280 g | Height: 166 mm | Diameter: 105 mm

The Smell of Success

2 Modes: Continuous & Intermittent

Colors: Essence White and Essence Black

Coverage Area: 10-15 m²

Tank Volume: 130 mL

Aroma Diffuser: 7.5* mL/h

Humidifier: 15* mL/h

Yes, Prozis Essence can also be used as a humidifier.

(*Approximate value, can vary 5-10 mL)

Prozis Essence
Home Sweet Aroma

The Prozis Essence is an excellent way to ensure a delightful scent in your home atmosphere. Explore different essential oils and discover different water-soluble aromas, different ways of pleasure.

Create a scent signature for your home that your family and friends will recognize and appreciate.

Prozis Essence
  • Works for more than 6 hours
  • Automatic shutdown when out of water
  • Independent mood light
  • Suitable for water-soluble aromas and essential oils
Prozis Essence
Inside the box:

1x Prozis Essence - Aroma Diffuser

1x Charging Cable

1x User Manual

Smell trouble? Be careful:
  • Do not fill with hot water
  • Use in dry environments only
Prozis Essence



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Essence Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier + 2x L'essence - essential oils

Essence Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier + 2x L'essence - essential oils

CHF 39.50

  • 1x - Essence Home Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier - Black (Color Black)
  • 1x - L'essence - essential oils - eucalyptus (Aroma Eucalyptus)
  • 1x - L'essence - essential oils - lemon (Aroma Lemon)


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