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X-College Beanie Hat

“I’m ready
for that

X-College Beanie Hat

Wear your game.

The passion is there, your will is burning for new victories, your heart is racing for high-flying flags… so the question remains: what are you waiting for to take the leap? Wear to conquer, to defy, to reinvent your inner style! If there’s a game, there’s a player, so make sure that player is you. In the end, whoever proves to be the toughest of them all will definitely wear the game, and all the fun that comes with it!

With the X-College clothing range, you’ll be scoring points in and outside the game. Play wearing your favorite items wherever you go, and kick off your days in the most fashionable way!

X-College Beanie Hat
Fiber Technology

100% Acrylic

A knitted acrylic outer structure that’s bulky, light and soft, and works as an insulating layer.

X-College Beanie Hat
Product Features
X-College Beanie Hat

Stitched Patch

Play hard.

Wear further.

X-College Beanie Hat

Our label is your comfort.

X-College Beanie Hat

Stitched label-free

Our clothes are synonym for comfort. We’ve gone with an approach that leaves a major imprint on our apparel: go stitch-free! Without a sewn-in label, wearing the clothing becomes more comfortable by not causing skin soreness.

Size Diameter
Single size 58,5 cm
X-College Beanie Hat

How to measure

  • Head
    Measure above the eyebrow line.

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X-College Beanie - Fontana M Navy

X-College Beanie - Fontana M Navy

Color Navy



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