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Dyna - Kitchen Scale

Precise and versatile

  • Dyna - Kitchen Scale

    Twist-powered: no battery needed

  • Dyna - Kitchen Scale


  • Dyna - Kitchen Scale

    Kcal function for 7 foods

  • Dyna - Kitchen Scale

    Tempered-glass surface

Dyna - Kitchen Scale
One twist is all it takes

No kitchen is complete without a proper scale. How else will you add your ingredients in the right proportion? Whether you’re into baking or closely trying to watch your calorie intake, rough guesses just don’t cut it. Precision is everything, and the Dyna Kitchen Scale by Prozis offers you just that, and more.

Dyna - Kitchen Scale
Neat features

Besides accuracy, it’s got a built-in power generator, which means there's no need for batteries. A single twist of a knob produces enough power for you to weigh what you want for a short time. If you need it for longer, then simply give it another twist.

The Dyna can measure weight in grams and ounces, but can also calculate the corresponding amount in milliliters for water or milk. Plus, it’s got a tempered glass surface and a stylish, compact design that will suit just about any kitchen!

Dyna - Kitchen Scale
Dyna - Kitchen Scale
For good measure

The Dyna also has a handy kcal calculator that instantly shows you a calorie estimate for 7 different, frequently used foods such as chicken, flour or eggs. If you need to closely monitor how much you eat, this function is bound to come in handy, time after time!

A recipe for success

The right, properly measured amounts can make a major difference in many recipes. Especially if you often bake cakes and pastry rather than cook meals, measuring properly can make all the difference. Handfuls and cups just aren’t accurate enough. Those with experience all agree: the dividing line between a successful cake and a failure may be just one wrongly measured tablespoon of flour or sugar. Let the numbers tell the tale!

Dyna - Kitchen Scale
Dyna - Kitchen Scale
  • Twist-powered – no battery needed
  • Kcal function for 7 foods
  • Surface: 4 mm-thick tempered glass
  • Max. capacity: 5 kg / 11 lb.
  • Measuring units: g, oz., ml (water/milk)
  • Graduation: 1 g / 0.01 oz. / 1 ml
Dyna - Kitchen Scale
Inside the box
  • 1 x Dyna Kitchen Scale
  • 1 x User Manual

Made in Non EU
User Manual
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Dyna - EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
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Dyna - Battery-free Kitchen Scale

No need for batteries with the Prozis Dyna - Battery-free Kitchen Scale, just one twist of the knob. Plus, it’s got a handy kcal calculator function. So easy!
Dyna - Battery-free Kitchen Scale

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