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Prozis Mosquito Trap


Mosquito Trap

Keep your home mosquito-free
Bye, bye mosquitos!

Sick of that high-pitched buzzing around your ears as you try to enjoy a movie night at home or a peaceful night's sleep? As invasive, annoying, and harmful as mosquitos may be, they can be defeated. However, you will need to go beyond the usual bug sprays, citronella candles or rolled-up newspapers. The Prozis Cubby - Mosquito Trap is how you get rid of those bloodsuckers for good!

Prozis Mosquito Trap
Your secret weapon

The Prozis Cubby - Mosquito Trap is the answer for mosquito-free homes, stress-free nights, and less itchy days. This smart gadget works as follows:

1 - Once plugged into an electrical outlet, it draws the mosquitos in with a warm UV light.

2 - Then, the mosquito attractant lures them even closer.

3 - Finally, the trap uses a fan to suck the mosquitos into its chamber, where they end up dead.

Prozis Mosquito Trap
It's a trap!

360º Effectiveness: Prozis Cubby does a pretty good job of keeping mosquitos away from your home.

UV Light: The device attracts flying insects at a 365–395 nanometer wavelength.

Mosquito Attractant: The mosquito trap comes with one mosquito attractant that must be replaced every 15 to 20 days. You can purchase the replacement units separately.

Sleep Mode: The Prozis Cubby is definitely quiet enough not to disturb you, but being able to select sleep mode, which turns the fan to a low speed, is a plus.

Easy Cleaning: The compartment where the flying insects stay after they are sucked into the trap is easy to empty and clean.

Prozis Mosquito Trap
When and where to attack?

1 - Set up the Prozis Cubby before the mosquitos become active. This usually happens during sunset and sunrise.

2 - Keep the room dark and the doors and windows closed when using the mosquito trap.

3 - Press the On/Off button to switch it on or off. When switched on, the mosquito trap fan works at high speed for strong suction. To switch the fan to a low speed, press the Sleep Mode button.

4 - The device works well in your bedroom, office, kitchen or living room.

Prozis Mosquito Trap
What’s in the box?

Prozis Cubby - Mosquito Trap

Mosquito Attractant

Power Adapter

User Manual


Voltage: 12 V

Power: 12 W

Attraction Wavelength: 365–395 nm

Weight: 2800 g

Height: 115 mm

Diameter: 160 mm

Prozis Mosquito Trap
Prozis Mosquito Trap
Keep in mind:

• Indoor use only.

• Do not look directly at the UV light when it is working.

• Do not spray insecticide onto the device.


Keep Mosquitos Away

Made in Non EU
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Cubby Mosquito Trap

Keep your home mosquito-free with Prozis Cubby Mosquito Trap. Effective, drawing them in with a UV light, quiet and easy to clean. Give it a try!
Cubby Mosquito Trap


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