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USB Fan - Bree

Stay cool

USB Fan - Bree

A refreshing breeze

Stay cool as a cucumber with the Prozis Bree USB Fan!

Compact, lightweight and conveniently USB-powered, this little beauty can sit discreetly on your desk, in a drawer, or even in your bag, ready and waiting to provide instant relief at any moment. All you need to do is plug it into any USB port and enjoy the feeling of a refreshing breeze wafting over you.

A godsend for hot workdays, lazy Sundays on the sofa, summer afternoons in the park, or road trips without air conditioning. Make sure you stay ahead of the game by getting your Prozis Bree USB Fan.

  • USB Fan - Bree

    1-button control

  • USB Fan - Bree

    3 speed settings

  • USB Fan - Bree

    8º – 42º adjustment

USB Fan - Bree

One button, 3 speeds

The Prozis Bree USB Fan has three different speeds and a single button that controls everything. You can set the fan to low, medium or high speed, as you wish.

USB Fan - Bree
USB Fan - Bree

Adjustable direction

This fan can operate in stationary mode or in an adjusted tilt angle of 8º to 42º, so you can get a steady stream of air directed exactly at whatever you want.

USB Fan - Bree

Style and functionality

Small yet sturdy, the Prozis Bree USB Fan is the perfect choice for personal cooling that fits effortlessly on any desk. And because it operates via USB port, the struggles with impractical plugs or extension cords are officially over.

Furthermore, the Prozis Bree USB Fan is available in 4 different, modern colors: peach, mint, berry, and cream. It will definitely make a stylish statement on any desk.

USB Fan - Bree

How it works

1. Connect the USB cable to the device and to a power source.

2. Press the control button behind the fan:

• press once for low speed. An indicator light will switch on.

• press twice for medium speed.

• press three times for high speed.

• press a fourth time tor turn it off. The indicator light will switch off, too.

3. Adjust the tilt of the fan by grabbing the device motor shell and gently pushing it forward or backward. To keep it stationary, just keep it at a vertical angle.

USB Fan - Bree
USB Fan - Bree

Handy for anywhere

• Use it at your office desk.

• Place it on your kitchen counter while cooking in the summer.

• Place it on your sofa side table while watching your favorite TV series.

• Take it on a camping trip. It will keep you cool on your adventures.

• Use it for cooling the children’s bedroom.

USB Fan - Bree

What’s in the box?

USB Fan - Bree

• Prozis Bree USB Fan

• USB Charging Cable

• User Manual

USB Fan - Bree

Prozis Bree USB Fan Highlights:

Conveniently USB-powered

3 speeds

Adjustable direction

One-button control for easy operation

Compact and lightweight (322 g)

Available in 4 different colors

USB Fan - Bree

Made in Non EU
EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
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User Manual
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Bree USB Fan — Mint

Prozis Bree USB Fan — Mint is a compact, lightweight, and conveniently USB-powered fan that delivers a refreshing breeze whenever you need it. Stay cool!
Bree USB Fan — Mint


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