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Prozis B-Style Socks
Prozis B-Style Socks

Stand out from the flock, wear the socks!

Let's be honest, a genuine pair of socks always rocks. Imagine you're meeting someone for the first time, or sitting across someone on the train. You just know if there's a funny twist to that person, or if they are the practical or classic type, by the socks they are wearing. Socks are a statement.

Prozis B-Style Socks

A classic rebel

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At Prozis we have a thing for socks. We can even say they are kind of our Achilles' heel, our very stylish and well-ornamented heel. We just can't get enough! There are colors, patterns and styles for every spirit.

Prozis B-Style Socks Prozis B-Style Socks Prozis B-Style Socks

Be in your own socks

You just have to give your feet the pleasure of Prozis B-Style socks. A great pair of socks is the extension of great footwear. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise! They are, more often than not, the line between comfort and pain.

  • 70% Cotton
  • 27% Polyamide
  • 3% Elastane
Prozis B-Style Socks

Seamless toe finish

Reinforced heel and toes

Fiber Technology

Made of Egyptian Cotton, a longer, softer and more durable fiber than regular cotton. This Cotton variety provides a higher quality yarn, enhancing the touch and feel of the final product.

Same old but gold

Prozis B-Style Socks

Socks can be so much more than boring, ordinary presents. Socks don't have to suck! Surprise your friends and family with these tongue-in-cheek Prozis B-Style socks.


75% Cotton
23% Polyamide
2% Elastane

Made in EU
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B-Style Cassel Calf Socks - Black

B-Style Cassel Calf Socks - Black

Color Black




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