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Prozis Sandals

Take that well-deserved break

Get in a Zen state of mind

Did you know that, in theory, you’ll spend about 90,000 hours of your life working? Let that sink in. 90,000 hours... You should seriously take the time to relax and go to the beach! Why not?!

Take those uncomfortable shoes off, prepare yourself a drink, put on your Malibus and enjoy your zen moment.

Prozis Sandals
Walking on clouds

The Malibu Lite is a softer take on a classic sandal. Lighter and comfier. You’ll be walking on clouds in no time.

These sandals are entirely made from EVA, which is a superlight, waterproof, and easy-to-clean material. The Malibu Lite sandals are extremely flexible and comfortable, perfect for summer travel or everyday life.

Prozis Sandals
Product Features:
  • Upper/lining/sole: a single piece of EVA
  • Anatomically-shaped footbed
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Super comfortable and easy to clean
  • Waterproof
Prozis Sandals
As you're reading this, we hope you’ll feel inspired to travel to that relaxing place you’ve always dreamed of!

Size guide

Foot length (A)  
from (mm) to (mm) Size (EUR)
230 236 35
236 242 36
242 248 37
250 256 38
255 261 39
261 267 40
270 276 41
277 283 42
284 290 43
291 297 44
297 303 45
303 306 46
Prozis Sneakers

A note about size recommendations

The above table is intended to help choose the right shoe size for the right foot size. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the recommendations it provides are based on standard foot shapes, and that in specific cases the size as suggested by the table may not be the best option. If the measured foot length is intermediate and appears to be between two sizes, make sure to consider other factors for selecting the best size, such as instep height and thickness of usual socks.

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Sandals - Malibu Lite Concrete

Sandals - Malibu Lite Concrete



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