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Prozis Gift Box

Turning gift-giving into a happening

So you found the perfect gift for that special someone. They dropped hints, we considered their tastes and picked just the right thing. Now is time to put some extra thought into how you hand it over.

The anticipation of opening a wrapped gift is what makes it so fun and exciting. Plus, details like ribbons and unique messages show that you care. Giving an unwrapped gift in a paper bag from the store screams “I picked up this present in the way” or “I bought it because I had to”. Gift-giving is a love language, try coming up with creative ways to present your gifts.

Making it memorable

But, what if you’re terrible at wrapping gifts? Or, what if your gift is just to obvious to wrap? Stress no longer! We offer you a range of unique gift boxes that will WOW those who receive them.
Prozis Gift Box
Prozis Gift Box
Prozis Gift Box

The Prozis Gift Box elevates the act of giving a present. Because sometimes it isn’t just about the gift itself, but how you present the gift is just as important.

Designed to make a lasting memory, these gift boxes really stand out. They were meant to help you show to your significant other how great you think they are!

It doesn’t matter if it is for your sweetheart, best friend, mother or even your boss, when you hand the Prozis Gift Box over, they will see your gift as thoughtful and packed with meaning.

Perfect for every gift-giving occasion:

  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s day
  • Religious holidays
  • New life stages
  • Anniversaries
  • Random acts of kindness
Prozis Gift Box

Choose the one

The Prozis Gift Box is available in two different designs, each with two different sizes. Choose the one that is perfect for the occasion!
Prozis Gift Box
Length: 320 mm | Largura: 320 mm | Altura: 179 mm

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