Go on the attack and keep your defense up! Learn to keep your body geared towards obtaining optimal results and you will be able to win the game. Train hard.
Follow these tips and start progressing today!


You never know what each game has in store for you. That's why it's wise to be prepared for different situations by making sure your training is varied and challenges all the different muscle groups and energy systems. Change between cardio, strength training, and technique training, and see to it that you focus on the areas that need improvement the most.


Make sure to have several meals during the day. While the food you eat should be rich in carbohydrates, proteins and fat, it is important to avoid ingesting fatty foods just before or after training and matches, as it will interfere with digestion and blood flow. Always stay hydrated. Some sports entail rather harsh conditions due to weather or the use of special outfits and protective gear. Keep water with you at all times and drink even if you are not thirsty, to prevent dehydration.


Use supplements according to your needs. Taking care of joints and preserving muscle mass are top priorities.

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With more strength, you also gain explosivity and speed.


Be prepared to play for the full 40 minutes. Having energy to get you through the entire game is important.


It's essential to recover in an efficient way and maximise the improvement in your performance.

Injury prevention

Strengthening and protecting the joints and ligaments, as well as preventing cramps for example, is fundamental if you want to experience the fun of playing futsal.