Giveaway Instagram Basket - Scatta il Tuo Tifo

Roma, Lácio, Italia 30 Janvier 2019

Les inscriptions sont closes.

Giveaway Instagram Basket - Capture your Support

Win tickets to see all the games of your favorite team!

Take a photo that represents your support for your team and your city where there is also a Prozis product of the tech, food or clothing categories and upload it to the Giveaway platform.

Post it on Instagram as well with the tags #TifoProzis and @ProzisItalia. The Prozis judges will select the winning photo, which will be the one that better represents the theme of the contest in the most original, passionate way.



Qu'inclut votre inscription ?
- The winner will be entitled to 2 tickets for all home games played by his/her team from February 10th onwards


Any further questions?

The Prozis team is always here to help. Check our FAQ or send us an e-mail.

[email protected]

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