Collagen + Magnesium 600 g Review

Help your body preserve collagen production with Prozis Collagen + Magnesium, a top quality formula for bone, joint and skin health.

4.5 / 5
2636 reviews
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Good product
Posted by: Barbora Matouskova
I have fruit punch flavour, it's ok but next time will order diffent one. Easy to drink

Good recover
Posted by: Diogo Matos
Such a good supplement for my recover for a super intense training week

Immune system need-to-have
Posted by: Mavi Verberne
This is amazing to boost your immune system, heal and support healthy skin, joints, cells

Posted by: Amdrea Pagonyi
I ordered in unflavoured type, so i am not sure it was the best choice, but hell. Collagen with magnesium and vitamin c? it has to be good.

Posted by: Andreia Betencourt
very tasty compared to previous ones that I tried

Good product
Posted by: Sergio Abajo Durán
High quality product in an easy way to use. Lemon tastes great!

Very good
Posted by: Ивелина Стефанова
I prefer this product because it doesn't taste, I would buy again

Nice one
Posted by: Costas Markou

hava to buy it!
Posted by: Luca Csenge Zaláni-kiss
i oreder every time, cause this product is necessary!

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