Cluster Dextrin™ 1000 g Review

Seeking quality carbohydrates? Cluster Dextrin™ by Prozis is an exceptional carb source to help replenish your glycogen stores after exercising. Go for it!

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execelent product
Posted by: Domenico Gendarmi
Serious company. Execelent Quality Good Price

Fine product
Posted by: Ilkka Korhonen
They say it provides slow-releasing energy that does not make you fat like faster carbs might. Hard to say, it's hard to lose fat even after I've switched to this product. At any way, it's as good as an energy source as normal sports drink mixes and not any more expensive. You just have to add flavoured bcaa and electrolytes yourself. Think I am going to give this the benefit of a doubt and keep using.

Posted by: Jessica Laslett
Too sweet for me

One of the best products
Posted by: Crisan Minai
Fast results and upgraded workouts

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Posted by: Roland Diz Fernández
Spüre es beim Training

Se disuelve muy bien
Posted by: Jorge Peña
Un basico

Muy buena calidad
Posted by: Angel Moraleda
Mejor tienda para suplementos

Recupera mejor
Posted by: Jose Antonio Martinez Cerezo
Esta es la solución perfecta para recuperar los niveles de glucógeno muscular. Calidad y precio más que perfectos.

El mejor carbohidrato!
Posted by: Luismi Ortiz Montero
Buena asimilación digestiva y de lo mejor para tomar intraentreno!

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