Best price guarantee

Conditions for Best Price Guarantee

Prozis is dedicated to offering its clients the widest product range of the highest quality, for the best prices on the market. With this in mind, Prozis has established a Best Price Guarantee programme for its clients.

This programme requires an agreement to be made by both Prozis and the client. Prozis is able to apply the best price guarantee, but also needs to take in consideration certain conditions that the client will surely understand to be necessary.

As such, the best price guarantee can be applied to any product also available in other online stores, as long as:

- the stores are competitors of Prozis
- the stores sell products with the official manufacturer's warranty
- the product in question is in stock and available in both stores
- the product is available in the same weight, flavour and version
- the product is not part of a promotion/campaign/opportunity in the other store
- the product is not part of a promotional pack
- the competitor's delivery service is equivalent to that of Prozis
- the total cost of the products subjected to the programme includes the shipping costs
- the client does not benefit from any special status in the other store, e.g. that of an associate
- the values entered in the form correspond to those actually practised in the other store

The above-mentioned conditions are required for us to be able to make sure that our prices are matched to that of bona fide stores that function in a totally legal fashion. We do not match the prices of products bought in stores that practise artificially lowered prices in order to increase profit margin, resorting to tax evasion schemes or the acquisition of products of doubtful origin and authenticity.

Prozis will immediately reject any best price guarantee request not taking the above-mentioned conditions into account.

In order to subject your best price guarantee request, you must fill out all fields in the programme form and click on "Submit".

After analysis of the request by the team in charge, the client will be notified via e-mail, and in case of a registered client also via our helpdesk, about whether or not the best price guarantee request is accepted.

In case the request is accepted, the confirmation message will include a coupon (in the form of an alphanumeric code) that will make it possible to purchase the product in question for the agreed price. To do so, the product must be added to the shopping cart and the code must be entered in the text box provided for this purpose during step 4 "Confirmation" of the order checkout process.

In order to validate the applied code, the button "Apply" must be used. This will cause the price of the product subjected to the programme to be updated to the agreed price.

Please note: Successful application of the coupon will only be possible if the number of units of the product in question in the shopping cart is equal to the number of units indicated at the time of submission in the best price guarantee request form.

The coupon will remain valid for 7 days, counting from the date on which it is issued to the client.

The coupon is limited to one single use, and can only be applied from the account associated to the e-mail filled out in the best price guarantee request form.

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