Protein Pizza Dough 250 g Review

Craving some pizza? Prozis Protein Pizza lays the basis for your balanced meal, and comes with added protein. Top it, bake it, and enjoy!

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masa pizza
Posted by: Laura Perea
muy rica, todo está en elegir unos buenos ingredientes

not bad
Posted by: Abril Carrasco Darnés
a ver, not bad pero es bastante gruesa y de diámetro pequeño. Tiene mucha más proteína que la masa normal pero calóricamente es bastante densa. Si te gusta la pizza tradicional y fina, esto es lo opuesto

Very nice
Posted by: Prisecaru Tudor
I recommend shrimps and haloumi cheese with this <3

love it
Posted by: Dobrota Tim
I was very satisfied! awesome product!

Great texture and taste
Posted by: James Cassar
Love the texture, taste. Recommended.

Posted by: Natalia Wierzbicka
I really like it!

Posted by: Vanessa Pardal
Ok but mainly because of its nutritional value. Taste is not like normal pizza dough and it doesn’t go crispy in the oven.

Love it
Posted by: Federica Buscemi
Love it

Good substitute but overpriced
Posted by: Maria Luna Paredes
I bought this thinking that it was a 4-pack so I was a little disappointed when I saw there was only one pizza base inside. Taste was nice and macros too but expensive for just one pizza base.

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