Egg Protein - Freakin Good 900 g Review

Seeking a yummy protein powder? Prozis Freakin' Good Egg Protein is a superior egg white protein with the most awesome flavours. Give in to temptation!

4.5 / 5
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Best flavor
Posted by: Marcelo Mayser
Such a tasty flavor

Brilliant and Amazing Taste, the Best One!
Posted by: Simone Buzzi
I love its surprising taste, in particular Peanut Butter is amazing and also Chocolate Chips is among my favorite ones! Excellent to be mixed with coffee, milk, and oatmeal.

Good buy
Posted by: Gustavo Garcia
It tastes as you ask, I loved this product

Convenient and good tast
Posted by: Xie Kailin
I feel that this product is very soluable than the other protein, with a good tast!

Great Product
Posted by: Adrian Pauch
Great Product

Chocolate chips flavour
Posted by: Ana Cortés
I'm in love with this flavour! It's amazing! I'd never taste nothing so good like this one, it's sweet but salty at the same time. I really recommend this flavour. The only lees good thing is a little bit hard mix without a shaker.

Best taste
Posted by: Krisztina Oczella
Best taste and structure!

Great taste
Posted by: Bogdan Savin
Nice and tasty proteine working great

Posted by: Miron Ionut
A very good product and very easy to mix.

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