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    The Ultimate Training Plan for Muscle Development – Beginners

    In this article, we will define a training protocol that can be applicable to athletes looking to enhance their muscle mass, but have no experience in the gym.

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    The Ultimate Training Plan for Muscle Development– Intermediate

    In this article, we will define a training protocol that can be applicable to athletes looking to enhance their muscle mass and that have some experience in the gym.

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    Food Intolerance : Gluten

    Celiac disease is an afflicting medical condition that affects millions of people – and some of them don’t even know it! In this article, we will explain what it is, how it may affect you, and what should people who suffer from it do to live a comfortable life.

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    What are the best whey protein supplements?

    In the world of sports nutrition, whey protein is the undisputed champion. But not all wheys are created equal. In this article, we picked out some of the best whey powders in the market based on quality, effectiveness, and taste.

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    Beef Protein vs. Whey Protein – Which is better?

    Recently, some brands have caught many bodybuilders’ attention by releasing beef protein supplements. This has sparked a new and passionate debate: is beef protein actually better that whey?

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    High Protein Chocolate Dessert — This is not what it seems

    It’s said that appearances can be deceiving, but don’t be fooled: being 72% protein, Chocolate Flavour Dessert by Prozis Meals is much more than it seems. Find out more about this high protein dessert.

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    The 10 best pre-workout supplements

    Pre-workout supplements enable you to exercise harder, heavier, and for longer periods of time. In this article, we rank the 10 best pre-workout supplements currently available in the market. Take a look at the list, the supplement that will forever change the way you train may very well be in there

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    Food Intolerance: Lactose

    You have certainly heard of “lactose intolerance”. But what exactly does it consist of? And what alternatives are there for athletes who can’t consume dairy products and milk proteins? In this article, we go back to the very basics of lactose intolerance, explaining the concept and how it may impact your life.